streda 20. septembra 2017

Matra - Terra Firma_____new album of my new project

Matra (sk) - Terra Firma

Terra Firma is “the ground under our feet”, the solid surface of the planet, standing in contrast with the Earth’s layers and our minds, left at the mercy of their own imagination.
We dream of stars all the time. We crave the extinction of our bodies, so that we can become a light, pure as a spring in the mountains.
Terra Firma is the place where we become shadows of our existence.
Terra Firma is our immortality.

Acoustic objects of 900piesek run through an array of sound processors are complemented by harmonies, ambient drones and heavy sound walls of a six string bass guitar.
The tracks were recorded during improvisation sessions in the studio ROOM 420.

Mastering by Rusty Wizzard Records
For free listening, click at the bandcamp
50x CD
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