štvrtok 9. júla 2015


HLUKOVA SEKCE is a group of freaks interrested in noise, industrial, experimental music. Hlukova sekce (in translation "the Noisy Section") is an internet platform for connecting a projects of those freaks with a bunch of downloadable stuff, informations and other mess.

This record was recorded on HRADBY SAMOTY festival in 2013 as a live collaboration of a noise projects of people interrested in Hlukova Sekce which invited the festival that year. Because we were pleased to play on tihs year festival again, at the same time we are releasing this record.


garasu_ www.bandzone.cz/bhs noise mortanna_ www.nm.yc.cz 900piesek_ www.900piesek.blogspot.com drén_ www.drensoundworks.blogspot.com Hlukáš_ www.soundcloud.com/sigitobias

the stuff is burned on the small CDs with a hand made hard covers, limited edition of 49 pieces_2EUR + postal avilable on Nomad Sky Diaries labl - http//www.nomadskydiaries.blogspot.com