utorok 22. apríla 2014

Foggy Mountains

A new album of 900piesek tells a story from the levitating wood scratched to a rusted iron plate. This transcribtion was maded from a raw records of a memories sinking in the mist during the illness, when the body was for a long time closed in the small dark room. This is an album about the endless forest, about the man & the soil, anymality, freedom & the ghosts of the Nature. Ambient soundscapes maded by an iron objects are the soundtrack to an imaginary story about a miners and the beings from the forest fog. The record is dedicated to an unchained cycle of a pure light in the trees.

This album is a corelease of Nomad Sky Diaries label with a Treetrunk Records netlabel, so you can get your FREE DOWNLOAD HERE.

On the Nomad label is avilable a small serie of thirteen unique hand painted tapes as a phisical form for this release. But it's sold hhh

graphics by Barbora Mikulova (my extraterrestrial sister)__THX!!!