streda 28. februára 2018

IV.II.VII _____two minutes forewer

900piesek - IV.II.VII
noise/ambient/field recordings

numbers, harmonies, symmetry and asymmetry.  
a cloud of smoke​... ​a ​converter.
​a​ series of coincidences with a clear goal...almost like reality.

is​ the name of this album

I.I.I ​
is the name ​of side A

is​​ the name side​ B

​13 pieces came to the world on 4 "lathe-cut 
​vinyl with​ 2x 1minute running time.​

ltd 13x4" lathe-cut clear vinyl

streda 20. septembra 2017

Silent Warriors From The Lunar World

This album is dedicated to a silent world. The city behind the city. You are invited on a journey throught the selfmodifiing Lunar landscape, hydden in the depths of the very possibilties of every sound, or even the moving picture. The very beginning of each gesture and emotion. These are the wathers of the earth. Silent warriors was a first visionars of chaos.

free download avilable via Tree Trunk Records netlabel

Matra - Terra Firma_____new album of my new project

Matra (sk) - Terra Firma

Terra Firma is “the ground under our feet”, the solid surface of the planet, standing in contrast with the Earth’s layers and our minds, left at the mercy of their own imagination.
We dream of stars all the time. We crave the extinction of our bodies, so that we can become a light, pure as a spring in the mountains.
Terra Firma is the place where we become shadows of our existence.
Terra Firma is our immortality.

Acoustic objects of 900piesek run through an array of sound processors are complemented by harmonies, ambient drones and heavy sound walls of a six string bass guitar.
The tracks were recorded during improvisation sessions in the studio ROOM 420.

Mastering by Rusty Wizzard Records
For free listening, click at the bandcamp
50x CD
6€ -

streda 22. februára 2017

dead sea___________

900piesek (sk) - dead sea
dark ambient/ experimental/ noise/ field recordings

This album was formed out of sounds of different objects and feedbacks, produced during their electrification. Album consists of one long electro-acoustic and two shorter acoustic songs, composed on the torso of an old spinet piano, which was found in ruins of an old water station. Miles of waves and layers synchronized with the picture of magnificent emptiness will systematically destroy your attention which is drowned in a shapeless sea. It may lead you to acceptance of your own immortality. It happens all the time when you think, that there was discovered some clue. In the same way, you can look out of the window. 

worship the night sky of living beauty
worship the dead sea of unborn galaxies

ltd 24x tape C-40
4€ - 

streda 17. augusta 2016

The Sword And The Chalice

Drink the holy wathers from the Grail of the damned!! Come to the world mute and naked. Cut your throat by the sword and leave your flesh to the ravens. Snakes from the underworld are dancing in the moon light. 
This album is a corelease of Nomad Sky Diaries label with Treetrunk Records netlabel, so you can get your free download HERE
thx: 777 Babalon, Noise Mortanna, Drén, Praying For Oblivion, Petkq

piatok 29. júla 2016



collaboration 777 Babalon & 900piesek
ritual dark ambient/ experimental/ noise

This album is a collaboration of 777 Babalon & 900piesek. Twin rivers created this mosaic of thought. Twin rivers flowing calmly,furnishing trees with humidity and animals with nourishment. Thoughts, like glass owls, are flying through the night, slicing through the icy air, while stars are just echoing their presence. Trees are whispering in the wind and waterfalls of small ice crystals are falling down from the treetops in sparkling moonlight.

ltd 49x mc avilable via SKY BURIAL PRODUCTIONS -