štvrtok 14. novembra 2013

NEW ALBUM OUT NOW!! NOM_ULTRA.01 ~ 900piesek - my blood is your wine




the new album of 900piesek as a special 3 pieces ultra limit. Five different variations, five different angles of viewing the original theme - without a few seconds, almost 20 minutes of music. A bloody soundtrack for wanishing my soul to inocence. My blood is filling your eyes and even if you can't imagine that, it's happening right now. All the material from a computer was errased, no downloads - only three of you can own this record. I want to see a video how it burns!!


the album was released 13.11.2013 on NOMAD SKY DIARIES label - http://nomadskydiaries.blogspot.com as a first from a series of ultra limits. the herb on the second picture is good & legal shalvea divinorum..vish you a nice hearing:))